1.Rollianz lihua has delivered 100 roll covers within 1 year.

2.We can be proud as there are not any claims up to now.

3.This is due to all of our employees have proven their commitment to excellence!

4.We will strive to continue providing our best services and products, to become most reliable strategic business partners.

  公司新闻  产品里程碑

 客户名称 / Customer Name

 Shandong Sun Paper Joint Stock Industry Co.,Ltd

 纸机# / PM No.


 生产纸种 / Paper Grade

 双胶纸,书写印刷纸 / Writing and printing

 应用位置 / Application

 施胶转移辊 / Sizing applicator Rolls

 车速 / Speed (mpm)


 硬度 / Hardness (P&J)

 95 +/- 5

 胶液温度/ Starch tem.()


 施胶量 / Sizing weight

 6-6,5 gsm/side

 上机时间 / Installed date

 09年6月29 日 / 29th Jun 2009

 下机时间/ Removal date

 09 年9月2日 / 2nd Sep 2009

  陆联力华的高性能橡胶包胶 ROLICOAT-X 在此应用位置成功挑战了世界领先供应商 的产品,超越了竞争对手产品(TOPCOAT-HPX)在机上最长一个月左右的研磨周期。在机上连续运行2个月之后,为此应用位置的研磨周期创下新纪录。

  For this size position, the high performance rubber cover ROLICOAT-X from Rollianz Lihua had successfully challenged the products from the world class leading suppliers. ROLICOAT-X had by far exceeded the performance of TOPCOAT-HPX from competitor which longest grinding interval achieved was one month. RoliCoat-X has made a new record of 2 months in this position under the same operating parameter.

  Meantime, RoliCoat-X provided a stable production over longer period of time and reliable performance as far as high quality sizing application is the concern. It has effectively increased the sizing operation stability and efficiency, the customer is very satisfied for the Roll Cover excellent performance.