1.Rollianz lihua has delivered 100 roll covers within 1 year.

2.We can be proud as there are not any claims up to now.

3.This is due to all of our employees have proven their commitment to excellence!

4.We will strive to continue providing our best services and products, to become most reliable strategic business partners.

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RoliCoat-X Sun Paper Application

For this size position, the high performance rubber cover RoliCoat-X from Rollianz Lihua had successfully challenged the products from the world class leading suppliers. RoliCoat-X had by far exceeded the performance of TopCoat-HPX from competitor which longest grinding interval achieved was one month. RoliCoat-X has made a new record of 2 months in this position under the same operating parameter.

Meantime, RoliCoat-X provided a stable production as well as homogeneous roll cover surface continuously with its extra soft cover material under Sizing Machine supplied by BTG in harsh environment condition over longer period of time and reliable performance as far as high quality sizing application is the concern. It has effectively increased the sizing operation stability and efficiency, the customer was very satisfied with Excellent Performance of RoliCoat X.

Since going into operation (the beginning of 2009), Rollianz Lihua have got repeat orders from the same position of Sun Paper PM 16 sizing section. It’s the best affirmation of customer’s satisfactory as well as encouragement for us.