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RoliPress P-BDG Sun Paper Application
Performance Before:
PM17 is supplied by Metso, and there are three nips in PM 17 Press Section: 1st Press Nip, 2 jumbo press rolls with blind drilled rubber cover from other supplier; 2nd Press Nip, Shoe Press; 3rd Press Nip, Smooth Press with rubber cover.

Due to the limit of max machine speed around 580m/min, customer was badly in need of new way to improve the running efficiency of press section; prolong the interval of roll cover on machine, and also achieve the target of energy saving. The lower dewatering with 20% open area on cover surface was hard to meet the requirement.

Performance After:
In 1st Press Top Roll Position, PU Cover with Blind Drilled and Groove was installed on machine instead of Blind Drilled Rubber Cover. As customer appreciated:

1. In 1st press nip, the phenomenon of large dewatering had been found, as the press efficiency was improved, the dryness of sheet out from the nip was also increased.
2. Despite of approaching the max speed, paper machine ran smoothly and stably, and probability of sheet break had also reduced, customers were very satisfied.

3. Until now RoliPress P has run for 3 months without any problem. We can believe that in the future not so far, the efficiency of total press section even paper machine will achieve relative improvement.

In view of excellent performance of RoliPress P-BDG, the customer decided to order another PU cover from Rollianz Lihua used in same position of PM 18 which is the sister machine of PM 17. Now this roll with RoliPress P has been delivered back to mill and the customer plan to install the roll so that the efficiency of dewatering and energy saving is the main concern in the following stage.